Blumen Gardens

It all began in 1989 as a humble horticultural hobby in the backyard of owner’s

Joan and Joel Barczak that evolved into a small garden design business they named Blumen Gardens.

Over the past 29 years, Joan & Joel have refurbished and re-purposed the property’s

historic factory and surrounding structures as a full-service landscaping company,

a year-round Gift & Garden Center and an Event Rental Facility.

Blumen Gardens inhabits over 2 acres of beautiful and historic land that is

enjoyed as a relaxing shopping destination by our customers both near and far.

The History of The Building

In previous years, the historic factory at 403 Edward Street has been the home to a

multitude of manufacturing companies since 1869.

Most notable tenants are:

  • Marsh Harvester, the factory’s first tenant, 1869 – 1881

  • Reuben Ellwood (Sycamore’s 1st Mayor) Manufacturing, 1875 – 1892

  • And a long succession of wire manufacturing companies including Anaconda.

Since 1989, Blumen Gardens has evolved from a small garden design business into a full-service Landscaping Company, a year-round Gift and Garden Center, and an Event Rental facility nestled in a historic setting in Sycamore, Illinois.

403 Edward St, Sycamore, IL 60178


(815) 895-3737


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