Where do we park?

    Parking is available on side streets north and south of the Armory, there is a parking lot available one block west, on the north side of the street. Parking IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE ARMORY LOT, THE LOT NORTH OF THE ARMORY ON Kishwaukee Drive, OR ON ELM STREET- YOU WILL BE TOWED! This street remains open for emergency transport.

Will my belongings be safe if I leave them at the Armory during the run?

    There will be a gear check vehicle on Rt 64 on the west side of the Armory.

May I run with my dog or stroller?

    We welcome all runners furry and otherwise! However, if you choose to do this please be courteous to fellow runners by beginning the race towards the back of the pack.

Is there a celebration after the race?

    There is no formal ceremony, however, awards are given after the race at approximately 11:00. Also, our race is held during Sycamore’s Pumpkin Festival with the annual parade beginning at 1:00 and lasts about 2 hours. For more information please visit Sycamorepumpkinfestival.com.

Are there portalets on the race route?

    Portalet’s will be located on the west side of the Armory only. There are none along the route.

Is there food, juice and water available in the Armory after the race?

    Bagels, fresh fruit, cookies and juices will be available for runners only. We will also provide delicious beer at the finish line for runners 21+.